Take a look at the Appalachian History and Tradition of Morehead, Kentucky

The Kentucky Folk Art Center in the Union Grocery Building is operated by Morehead State University.

People to Morehead in the Appalachian foothills might be really hard-pressed to visualize a time when just one of the most well known feuds in The usa manufactured the city a overwhelming and dangerous area. Now, Morehead is recognised for its rather and walkable downtown abutting Morehead State University, as perfectly as the numerous out of doors pursuits in and all-around Cave Run Lake and surrounding Daniel Boone Countrywide Forest.

But following an election in 1884, relatives and political hatreds led to a conflict acknowledged as the Rowan County War. More than the upcoming 3 yrs, additional than 20 men and women ended up killed and numerous extra wounded. The “war” arrived to an conclusion in 1887 after an hrs-lengthy shootout involving dozens of adult men and, of course, the relationship of two younger individuals, one particular from just about every family members.

A lot of intriguing details about the feud can be discovered at sites such as the Morehead History and Railroad Museum. But feudin’, fussin’ and fightin’ are, fortunately, far, far in Morehead’s previous.