Journey Photographers For Every Hodophile on IG

Images is like re-dwelling and re-going through times of everyday living. The creation of photography was without a doubt a groundbreaking invention in heritage. It adjusted the trajectory of art types, and released pictures, videography and filmmaking. Pictures gets to be another medium of discussion, expression, and understanding the environment all over us. Every photographer has a distinctive eye for his environment. The lens of the camera is in the regulate of the photographer, and even though the photographer may possibly click what he desires his viewers to see, an appealing truth about pictures is that the viewer can usually interpret and understand the photograph in his personal way way too. Bringing you some of these photographers who are capturing the mysteries of this entire world.


Chandrakiran is an observer and admirer of his environment. Capturing people today, architecture, landscapes, flowers, the mother nature, and inanimate objects of interest, Chandrakiran’s digicam delivers an remarkable frames to the desk. What can make Chandrakiran’s captures so depthful is that even even though are nevertheless and motionless, nevertheless they carry a story, a track record to them.


Shubh views the character close to him with a shut heart. Most of his camera captures are the at any time expansive skies or the greens of the hills and mountains. Shubh presents the atmosphere through his own point of view, and gives many frames to gaze more than. Just one can sense the freshness, beauty and vigour of the nature by on the lookout at the hues of the skies, clouds, rivers and trees that are saved in Shubh’s digicam roll.

Credits: Instagram (Shubh)

Tabish Quadri

Tabish Quadri is photographing the exquisite heritage architectures and monuments of Delhi. Apart from this, his lenses also seize the mundanity, stillness, and the vivacity of everyday living all over him. Tabish’s special angles to a large amount of his photos make him stand out in the undertaking.

Arjun Gangadharan

Arjun Gangadharan’s photography is a fruits of the brisk character all over us. He brings the tones and shades of the skies, metropolitan areas, and landscapes in a scenic persona. Arjun’s honest photography will take you to the magnificence of a person condition to the other. He freezes the vigour of these cities and landscapes via his camera.

Sukalyan N Sukhi

Sit back and choose a breath, simply because witnessing Sukalyan’s clicks are heading to be times of deep pleasures. Sukalyan, by his images, normally takes us locations we have by no means been. Capturing moments and existence by means of the vast angle appears to be to be his forte, his enthusiasm, a skill, for which he’s obtained the eye for.

Hitesh Dataniya

Hitesh Dataniya is using his hobby, images, fairly fervidly. His digital camera seeks the wonderful buildings, architecture curves and the elegancy of the ancient Indian structures. Hitesh’s angles deliver a amazing viewpoint to these items of human magnificence.

Jefrin George

Jefrin George is yet another landscape photographer who has the eyesight of bringing the refined and alluring features of the topics he photographs. He has an enchanting and a diversified assortment of photographs of the mysteries and the conundrums of the character which surrounds us.

Achu Ajayan

Achu Ajayan is practically amassing “beautiful times.” As a photographer, he mainly captures the blooming, subtle, fascinating bouquets and butterflies. By means of his vibrant collection, 1 can cherish the extreme range and attractiveness the creatures of this world has to present.

Suprio Biswas

Suprio Biswas is hopping from a single town to yet another and amassing their essence, liveliness, and main, through his digital camera. Be it a hill station or a metropolitan town, Suprio Biswas, grasps and captures the extremely essential of that put: its persons, mother nature, road, architecture and monuments.

Tanay Sahoo

Tanay Sahoo has something fantastic to offer you when it will come to images. Playing with the shadows, angles, and surrealism, Tanay Sahoo offers the familiar sceneries and moments of lifetime in an unfamiliar yet beautiful, imagined-provoking way. His camera swirls all over lots of exclusive views.