Captain’s Cod voted as best food truck in Whatcom County

Captain’s Cod Company won our poll as best food truck in Whatcom County and has highly rated Yelp reviews for its seafood.

Captain’s Cod Company won our poll as best food truck in Whatcom County and has highly rated Yelp reviews for its seafood.

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We asked readers which food truck is the best in Whatcom County and the votes are in.

The poll had 23 local food truck options in Whatcom County including Sweet As Waffles, Where’s The Food?, Brothers Bus Bistro and Feast Food Truck. The unscientific poll received a total of 360 votes.

Captain’s Cod Company received 64 votes and was named the best food truck in Whatcom County.

The food truck travels throughout the Puget Sound area and was created by Whatcom County residents and their love for seafood.

Captain’s Cod 1.jpg
Captain’s Cod Company food truck. Kyla Goff Photography Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

“Because we travel some people don’t realize that we are proud Whatcom residents. Our partners in Captain’s Cod, Rob and Alicia Wurmare (are) also local Whatcom County residents, and Rob and Shaun are both partners in Alaskan Leader Fisheries, and that company is also based in Whatcom County. So many of our crew are also from the area. Which makes serving here even more exciting, because families and friends visit just to eat the fish their loved ones caught,” Shaun and Amanda Andrew, owners of Captain’s Cod Company, wrote in an email.

The food truck’s menu feature dishes such as classic fish and chips, cod sandwiches, clam chowder, cod fritters and cole slaw.

“We source our fish directly from us. Our fish is caught, processed and frozen onboard the vessel in less than an hour. From Dutch Harbor, Alaska, our fish is then sent straight to Washington, where each fish is hand cut and prepared. Everything on our menu is made by us, from the sauces to the clam chowder,” the Andrews wrote.

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One of the owners of Captain’s Cod Company, Shaun Andrew, is also the captain of Northern Leader, a 184-foot longliner. Kyla Goff Photography Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

The best-selling item on the menu, according to the Andrews, is the captain’s clam chowder or the fish and chips basket. The truck’s menu also has gluten and dairy-free fish and chips, and the truck’s clam chowder is also gluten-free.

“Our crew out fishing and our crew at Captain’s Cod put a lot of care and craft into what they do. Our company is all about being traceable, sustainable, and eco-friendly! The potatoes for our french fries are harvested from local WA farmers. From the icy waters of the Bering Sea, Alaska, to the fields of Washington state, we are serving our local communities the best quality fish and chips,” the Andrews wrote.

captains cod gluten free.jpg
Captain’s Cod Company is a rolling food truck making stops all over Washington with fresh-from-the-sea fried fish and chips. Captain’s Cod Company Courtesy to McClatchy

The food truck is also popular online, receiving a 4-star rating from 11 Yelp reviews.

Captain’s Cod Company also has a food truck that operates in Eastern Washington, but the food trucks can be hard to catch. Captain’s Cod Company recently visited Bellingham on Jan. 3, but has not announced its next visit to Whatcom County. The truck’s schedule and locations can be found on its website.

Following Captain’s Cod Company with 41 votes was JT’s Smokin’ BBQ.

The BBQ food truck serves dishes such as BBQ mac and cheese, baby back ribs, BBQ sandwiches and loaded baked potatoes.

According to a Facebook post from the food truck and catering company, the truck will be closed until the first week of March, when it will return to Kulshan Brewery and a location in Nooksack.

JT’s Smokin’ BBQ is also popular online, receiving a 4.5-star rating from 38 Yelp reviews.

To find JT’s next location and hours, visit its website or Facebook page.

Tacos El Tule came in third place with 36 votes, followed by Greektown Food Truck with 30 votes and Where’s The Food? with 20 votes.

Whatcom food truck poll results
Whatcom food truck poll results

This story was originally published January 5, 2023 5:00 AM.

CORRECTION: The link to Captain’s Cod Company was corrected Jan. 5, 2023.

Corrected Jan 5, 2023

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