Best location to spend summer vacation and other holidays

Traveling as a student is all about thrill, fun, and excitement. Unlike in the past, students nowadays have many benefits while traveling. Airlines today have implemented many policies to make student travel stress free. The special deals that student flights offer help them to plan a vacation and get additional bonuses.

Are you a student looking for the best locations to spend your summer vacation and other holidays? Here is a list of some of the awesome destinations to visit while you make use of the student benefits from airlines.

From coast to coast a true beauty – Canada

Known to be the second biggest country globally, the vibrant Canada is packed with amazing views. It attracts tourists with lovely sightseeing places. For students, it is one of the best places to visit because it has incredible attractions, impressive shopping sites, and dazzling nightlife. The country boasts its rich culture and the picturesque sights of nature. You can plan trekking and mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies as it is an adventure tour that comprises beautiful lakes, dense forests, and rugged mountains. Central Canada includes famous tourist spots like Montreal, Niagara Falls, Quebec, and Toronto. You can explore historic places, iconic landmarks, shopping centers, parks, and amusement centers as each of the cities has a distinguishing character. You can plan a week or 10-day trip to this amazing holiday spot to enjoy.

The must-visit New York City

Everything in New York mesmerizes tourists. As a student, you will fall in love with the soaring skyscrapers the city has, not only the incredible art and culture, the glittery nights, and a quick browse through Fifth Avenue is admirable. Spend your vacation in the stunning city which offers something for everyone. The amazing arts displayed at the Met, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the Guggenheim, and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum give you insights into the glorious things of the past. It is a bustling city with mind-blowing architecture and new-age developments. Some of the national icons are the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. A stroll in central park, hopping on free rides on a ferry to see the skyline of the city, and the harbor and the Brooklyn bridge are a few famous attractions in New York.

Have an overwhelming experience in Sydney

Sydney is a hub for students to pursue higher education. Approximately 700000 students come to the fast-paced city every year for studies. The city is blessed with amazing natural scenes, historical places, delectable culinary, and many recreational attractions. Sydney’s Quaint Markets like the Rocks markets and paddy’s markets are worth exploring as they are buzzing with handicrafts, local fashions, and unique pieces of home designer collection. The Sydney Opera House is an iconic landmark that cannot be missed. As a student, you will learn the fusion of ancient and modern influence that has tales of the rich heritage. The fine art museums, relaxing beaches, musicals at theatres and zoo parks, and shopping centers make the city a delightful destination for vacationers.

Beijing’s never-ending list of attractions

Beijing is undoubtedly one of the best tourist hubs. Students vacationing in Beijing or planning to study in Beijing will experience the best facilities as it has a fine mix of developments, infrastructure, fast transport systems, and amazing places to relax. It has great historical monuments like the summer palace, the great wall of china, and the palace museum, mouth-watering dishes like the Peking duck and dumplings represent the traditions, and the shopping streets of Beijing are ever buzzing with locals and tourists where you find everything from luxury apparels, footwear, electronics, etc.

To wrap up, students can avail of many discounts and offers while traveling. With proper planning and pre-travel consultations, one can enjoy a pleasant vacation in these awesome places. Make the most of the benefits to experience the adrenaline rush as you dive into the natural realms in beautiful destinations.