best japanese dining places in South Mississippi gulf coastline

The Coast is home to some of the best food you’ll find in the South and a big reason for that is the diversity found around the region.

We’ve listed some of the best Vietnamese/Thai food, now we’ll take a look at where to find the best Japanese restaurants.

South Mississippi has numerous options and everyone has their favorite when it comes to sushi and hibachi. Don’t see yours here? Let us know!

Fuji Sushi House

The Fuji Sushi House in Biloxi boasts a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google. The draw for customers is the authenticity and fresh ingredients. On top of the sushi, Fuji’s menu includes noodles, pho and hibachi dinners.

“You can’t beat this place for fresh sushi or teriyaki dinner! The service is always excellent whether you’re dining in or ordering out. The food is great for the price, good portions and fair prices,” one TripAdvisor reviewer said.


Samurai in Gulfport is known for its massive sushi menu, great service and lineup of sauces. There are over nearly 100 different rolls to choose from and more options in the form of sashimi and zushi boxes.

“Best sushi I had in a while. Everything tasted fresh and service was on point. The food was flavorful and tasty. Everyone that works there were very attentive and friendly,” one Yelp reviewer from Texas said.


Wasabi is the best-reviewed sushi restaurant in Ocean Springs. Noodles, bento boxes and hibachi lunches also fill the menu.

“Hands down my favorite sushi place in town. Sushi always tastes fresh, hibachi dining is really good and the atmosphere is laid back,” a TripAdvisor reviewer said.

Koi Sushi

Located along Highway 49 in Gulfport, the restaurant also does the sit-down menu hibachi well. The fried rice bowls are generous and the hibachi chefs are well-reviewed.

“The hibachi is next level at this place. The hibachi chef was entertaining and exciting,” One TripAdvisor reviewer said.


Sakura Express is one of the top-reviewed restaurants East of the Pascagoula River. Sakura also has an extensive sushi menu featuring over 50 different rolls. Soups, hibachi dinners, bento boxes and fried rice fills out the menu.

“Salmon lover special was delicious. Best sushi in the area. Reasonably priced and everything in the restaurant was super sterile almost hospital-like with how clean it was,” one Yelp reviewer said.

Other Japanese restaurants to try:

  • Tien in Biloxi
  • Mizu in Gulfport
  • Sumo Japanese in Biloxi
  • Yamato Steakhouse in Pascagoula
  • Oishi Express in Biloxi

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